St. Mary's Record Breakers - Official School Results now in...

RE: Official results now in – St. Mary’s Record Breakers


Dear Parents,

Good morning.

Some news for you this morning: as you may be aware, the School Performance Tables were released by the Government just the other day.  I would encourage you to view the St. Mary’s DfE page:'s-catholic-school.

We are delighted that the expected record-breaking score has now been confirmed.  2018 was the school’s best ever GCSE  Value Added score (putting us well inside the top 10% of schools, nationally).  The score shows that students here get in excess of half a GCSE grade more (0.61 grades more, to be precise) than students of the same ability do when taking their GCSEs in other schools.  This is a true measure of school performance and a massive encouragement to all our students and staff, and I hope to you as parents and the wider community also.

Please do also click onto the 16-18 tab within that page to view the A Level results, which are equally impressive.

We will celebrate these results in school, and alongside our Outstanding Pastoral and Faith provision (see here*), and the £5million investments recently secured, this really does mean that St. Mary’s is enjoying a period of exceptional successes. 

Finally, might I take this opportunity to remind you that I am about to post home a major update on our School Development, and to invite you all, personally, to get involved.  I am particularly hoping that you might be able to join us for an evening of fun on the 9th November when we will enjoy a quiz competition together, but also raise some awareness and enthusiasm for you all to get involved with the journey of development over the next few months.  I hope you’ll be able to join in – it’s only a couple of hours and a great way to help support the school and our children – email to book your tickets and enter your team.  Full details will be posted home via our flyer.

My sincere thanks to all our wonderful students, staff, parents and the wider community.


God bless you all,

Andrew Celano



Posted 8 months ago