Science Refurbishment Project

We are pleased to announce that the first 2 labs in our £million Science Refurbishment project have now been released for use. Pupils have ‘moved in’ and whilst there is a lot still to do in terms of finishing touches with equipment, display and resources, the pupils and staff are all delighted with the new facilities.

Considerable and heartfelt thanks go to all our parents who have contributed to this massive refurbishment project through the donations to The Friends of St. Mary’s. Put simply, without such parental support these facilities could not have been provided. Because of that generosity, the children are now benefiting from an even more cutting edge Science experience at St. Mary’s, and we simply cannot wait for the next 3 labs to be released in the new few weeks. One of the next labs in Phase 2 is an entirely new lab – conversion of a classroom (H10) – this means we will have an increase in both the availability and quality of our facilities.

Finally, you may have noticed two gentlemen in the background of the first picture. The gentleman on the right hand side is Mr John Lee from the Diocese of Westminster. The gentleman on the left hand side is Mr Tony Davies, Chair of The Friends of St. Mary’s. Mr Tony Davies gave a moving speech to Year 12, who in turn were quite moved themselves – giving Mr Davies a round of applause for his support of the school. He told the story of how his three children all enjoyed their Science A Levels at St. Mary’s and whilst his youngest child left the school back in 2003, he is still motivated all these years on to work as a volunteer Chairing The Friends of St. Mary’s. In doing so he co-ordinates the work of all our valuable parental donations to The Friends. More will follow on this story in our Spring Newsletter.

Mr Celano


Science 5c


science 2c

                                  Original classroom

Science 4c


Science 3c

                                  original classroom

Science 6c


Science 5c


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