New buildings now open for business!


St Mary’s school is celebrating the completion of another phase of it’s ambitious long term Development Programme.  Head Teacher Andrew Celano explained that “Phase I was the completion of our new suite of 8 Science labs earlier this year.  The news today is that part of Phase II – 10 new classrooms – is now complete and open for business; part of a renovation of one of our Victorian buildings.”


The programme of work does not end there. 


“We kick off Phase III later this year,” continued Mr Celano.  “We are creating a new canteen facility, a refurbished reception and another suite of 10 classrooms.  That phase will take around a year to deliver and represents the final part of our current £5 million investment programme.  From there, we press on to our 2025 vision.  These investments make it an exciting time to be at St Mary’s, but not as thrilling as the way students are developing; we have just posted record A Level and GCSE exam results and are so proud of everyone involved.”

Posted 11 months ago